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Greetings, Welcome to my website 🙂 I am Ali, also known as "Al1nuX," an engineer and computer scientist with a passion for the Linux operating system and the world of computing. I thoroughly enjoy working with computers, electronics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and exploring the wonders of science and nature. I have a deep affection for the Linux operating system, symbolized by the adorable Linux penguin 🐧, and I am a strong advocate of "Free and Open-Source Software" (FOSS) and the GNU project. These principles, supported by the Free Software Foundation, drive my belief in collaborative innovation and the availability of technology for all. Arch Linux is not only my primary operating system but also my preferred choice due to its flexibility and customizability. Alongside my technical expertise, I offer consulting services and comprehensive solutions in the field of information technology. With an unwavering dedication to the Linux operating system and years of experience in the computing industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. I am deeply passionate about emerging technologies, including embedded computing, quantum computing, the Internet of Things, robotics, and artificial intelligence. My thirst for knowledge is insatiable, and I constantly strive to stay at the forefront of scientific research and industry trends. Engaging in intellectual pursuits, conducting thorough research, and expanding my expertise are activities that bring me great joy. On this website, you will find a collection of my projects and explorations, serving as my personal corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy your visit and find value in the knowledge shared here. Thank you for visiting,

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The Longhorn Beetle

Long-horned beetle (family Cerambycidae), commonly known as longicorn, is any of the approximately 25,000 species of beetles (insect order Coleoptera) whose common name comes from their extraordinarily long antennae. These beetles can be found all throughout the world, but they are most common in the tropics. They are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 152 mm (less than 1/8 inch to about 6 inches). When the antennae are added, these lengths may double or triple.

Pie Charts

A pie chart is a form of graph that uses a circular graph to display data. The graph’s parts are proportional to the percentage of the total in each group. In other words, the size of each slice of the pie is proportional to the size of the group as a whole. The full “pie” represents 100% of the whole whereas the pie “slices” represent sections of the whole.

A Lightweight document-oriented NoSQL Database for the GO language

CloverDB is the work of a great friend and fellow Computer Scientist, Stefano Scafiti. It is a lightweight NoSQL database designed for being simple and easily maintainable, thanks to its small codebase. The project was inspired by tinyDB.

I contribute where I can to this great project. If you know the Go language, and love to support free open source software like me, you are more than welcome to join the project on its GitHub page.


A polygon is a shape formed from three or more points joined by three or more straight lines, The points are known as vertices (each point is a vertex), and the lines are called sides—the name of most polygons relates to the number of angles or sides it has.

Venn Diagrams

Venn diagrams AVenn diagram shows the relationship between sets. In a Venn diagram, a set is ‘usually represented by a circle, and the universal set by a rectangle. Elements of a· set are often represented ·by points in the circle. Each part of the diagram .is labeled and the parts being considered are shaded.

Liquid Crystal

Liquid crystal (LC) is a state of matter with qualities that fall in between liquids and solid crystals.
A liquid crystal, for example, may flow like a liquid but have its molecules arranged in a crystal-like pattern.
Liquid-crystal phases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of optical properties (such as textures).
Domains where liquid-crystal molecules are orientated in opposite orientations correspond to the contrasting sections in the textures.
The molecules, on the other hand, are well organized within a domain.
It’s possible that LC materials aren’t always in a liquid-crystal state of matter (just as water may turn into ice or water vapor).

The Bagworm Moth

The Bagworm moth, also known as the Psychidae, is a fascinating species of moth that is found all around the world. What makes this moth unique is its ability to create and carry a protective case or bag that it constructs from natural materials found in its environment. Physical Characteristics...