Programming Paradigms

This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of two out of many different programming styles, structured and object-oriented programming.

Today, computers use many sorts of programming languages. A programming language is a set of instructions that instruct the central processing unit (CPU) inside a computer to accomplish and perform a specifically defined task. A programming paradigm is a method of classifying a programming language based on its features. Two examples of programming paradigms are object-oriented and structured programming.

Object-oriented programming focuses on constituting a program by using a set of objects which encapsulates data and methods. In comparison, structured programming focuses on dividing programme code into a set of functions where each function works independently.

It seems that both object-oriented and structured programming have strengths and weaknesses. For instance, one of the strengths of object-orientation is that it is easy to modify the program, another is the security of data; also, it is easier to reuse the code of object-oriented programs. However, object orientation also has its weaknesses; its larger size requires more space and much work to create.
Another concern is speed; they tend to be slower than other programs because of their larger size; as a result, they need more processing power.

On the other hand, compared to object-oriented programming, some advantages of structured programming are, it is more user-friendly and easier to understand, requires a shorter time to write, and is easier to learn. Nevertheless, like any other programming style, unfortunately, it also has its disadvantages.
Such as the difficulty to make modifications to the code, to change something in a more extensive and complex program needs a considerable effort. Data security is another issue; it does not separate or encapsulates private data from different program parts.

We have seen that when it comes to programming and its many styles of coding, no matter what kind of programming paradigm one uses, each will always have its advantages and disadvantages in the end. Selecting the best way to create and write code for a program is the task of skilled programmers and software engineers.