What is Spatial Temporal?

The term “spatial” refers to empty space. The word “temporal” is short for “time.” Spatiotemporal analysis, also known as spatial temporal analysis, is a type of data analysis that is used when the data being analyzed spans both space and time. It provides a description of a phenomenon that takes place at a particular time and location, such as the movement of shipping across a geographic area over the course of time (see above example image). By visualizing how things move through space and time, a person can solve multi-step problems using a form of reasoning known as spatial-temporal reasoning.

Tuppers Formula

Tupper’s self-referential formula is a formula that visually represents itself when graphed at a specific location in the (x,y) plane.

Pie Charts

A pie chart is a form of graph that uses a circular graph to display data. The graph’s parts are proportional to the percentage of the total in each group. In other words, the size of each slice of the pie is proportional to the size of the group as a whole. The full “pie” represents 100% of the whole whereas the pie “slices” represent sections of the whole.


A polygon is a shape formed from three or more points joined by three or more straight lines, The points are known as vertices (each point is a vertex), and the lines are called sides—the name of most polygons relates to the number of angles or sides it has.

Venn Diagrams

Venn diagrams AVenn diagram shows the relationship between sets. In a Venn diagram, a set is ‘usually represented by a circle, and the universal set by a rectangle. Elements of a· set are often represented ·by points in the circle. Each part of the diagram .is labeled and the parts being considered are shaded.